"Enhance the Dance"

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The Allurex Story

In November 1998, after nearly 20 years of extensive research, development and testing, Allurex launched its all natural sexual enhancement products for both men and women. Allurex beat the all the major drug companies to the market with the first sexual enhancement formula that works for women. Allurex is available without a prescription.

Allurex's latest formula was designed  to reignite the fire and passion in your relationship! Allurex strongly enhances sexual desire and performance in both males and females, creating an intense sexual experience for both. Allurex is the only sexual enhancement product designed to help recreate the moods, feelings, desires and intense physical pleasure of youthful love!

Allurex provides all natural products that are completely safe for both men and women. Allurex is so confident about its products that we offer a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

Allurex formula boost libido, endurance, stamina, increase lubrication in women, and assists men in achieving and maintaining erections for an "over-all, close-to-perfect experience."

Women describe more intense thoughts and interest in love-making. They say that their lovemaking experiences while using Allurex are unforgettable!

Men describe a greater frequency of intense erotic desires, increased libido, as well as more pleasure and stamina during lovemaking.